Two and half review

I wanted to write only one review for the day but since I watched movie last night and this tv show entire week so here are my two reviews and you will know at where the remaining HALF will come

Lipstick under my Burkha

Four stories nicely timed and wonderful characterized by all the four leads. I m a such big fan of Konkana Sen , this movie was in the genre which is slightly adult in nature. But people who are seeing game of thrones can definitely see this( suspected half of Indian population has seen G.O.T).



Character of Bua ji is reading a novel through out the movie which makes her dream of a world where men and women both have equal rights( sexual freedom).

All through out  the film there is slight brush of traditions of India with the new age thoughts, I watched movie from non judgmental bias . While watching the movie I had wave of appreciation for the all main characters and was expecting something more from the story. The direction was brilliant using sarcastic humor to tell a tale of actual horror in the current India society. We are in India where simultaneously many things are taking place, we are growing at the rate of 6 % also we are facing an economic downturn. We are trying to reach Mars also we are trying to reach out to our Kids who are getting bullied on social media.

This movie was a perfect watch for those who want to start watching non commercial movies , this was truly a move with a thought. I m not the one to rate the movie but I can surely say this movie was worth the 90 mins which I spent watching. Some characters were really underdeveloped but happens in the movie where you try and club more than one story and have more than one lead actor. I bet this movie was not a huge commercial success , even though should be on must watch of for people with Y chromosome.

Two and half men

For people who believe that I m writing and watching movies shows which highlights the parts of society which needs attention are going to get shock . I have watched the entire season of two and half men , and recently started to watch the re run of the entire show with my wife. This show has funny lines , great punches and Charlie sheen . I might not truly admire any of the character shown in the series, with Jake growing up from being a cute kid who is dumb into dumber teenager or Alan the loser chiropractor turning to character which is predominantly shown to attract roast from being less manly and Charlie sheen( who reluctantly grows from being stud to dead ) eventually replaced by Ashton Kutcher ( who couldn’t save the show either). True reason why anyone should start this show is not to binge watch but to save yourself from watching other shows in binge . I used to watch DEXTER but it used to be a hour long , so I used to take break from that show by watching episodes of two & half men in between.



My advise this show should be avoided at all cost in order to save ruining of Indian culture but this is fun show and hilarious. 12 season long , just imagine you could have mastered playing guitar had you tried that instead of watching this show.

At this point of time I would like to question you and myself , why do we watch so much of TV , is it that we have made ourselves slaves to easy pleasure and re assure ourselves that going to work from 9-5 and coming back home to watch the TV is how we want to live our lives. People are out their getting rich and richer day by day and they have literally sacrificed their entire youth for the same. I m here writing my experiences of watching TV show and impact they had in my life . I m mostly writing these reviews so that tomorrow I may be able to reflect the thoughts with which I enjoyed these shows. Its up-to you how you will reflect the time you spent on these TV shows and movies.

Yes I have promised I will write review of SUPERNATURAL and I will definitely write.


1 in every 10^5 – By Biswa Kalyan Rath


Nostalgia is strong feeling which is coming right across when I was seeing this show. I wonder how many things can get me nostalgic ( check out my last review). A feel good web series by Biswa Kalayn in the form of Laakhon mein ek forces me to revisit my childhood and look back into days when we all were engrossed in the mania of IIT/AIEEE/AIIMS. Luckily for me my parents always told me to focus on the knowledge and not run after big names. But we all realize in life brand does add value, this show got instant recognition by being with Amazon Prime.

I started off by watching one episode but the character of Aakash and his intereaction with Bakri and chudial( yes in the entire series I bet we will not hear there names). We all as kids have have our mischievous companies, the premise of this story is setup in coaching institute in VIzag where our lead character is sent when he fails to get admissions in his hometown Raipur. The background score is very relevant and will connect to you instantly. I somehow think the target audience for this show is not kids even though the story revolves around kid who is coming with terms to reality of pressure to get into IIT.



Biswa himself does some cameo in this web series, hats off again to him for the wonderful content in the show. All in all I would recommend to finish this show in weekend as only 6 episodes long , you will certainly give boost to Mr Biswa credibility and enjoy some insights into life of young teenagers. We all know what they do but we still keep a blind side to them, may be its time In India where we remove the word immature from the dictionary in life of teenagers , they are really there to conquer the world and need our support in same. Our teenagers are all involved in cyber bullying on facebook and instagram, we might be able to change all of that if we reach to them. Suddenly I see my thoughts changing to ones where I m more worried about our future generation rather than being hopeful and optimist.

I know I promised to do Supernatural next but I had to give you fresh stuff too.

TICK – The superhero


I will straight away delve into the topic review of  the Tick 2017 the tv show which I saw on Amazon prime last night.

For those of you who will not be having an idea about the character , please check out the below description given on wiki-“The Tick is a fictional superhero created by cartoonist Ben Edlund in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for the New England Comics chain of Boston area comic book stores.” The comic was original created to be a spoof on superheroes comics which were a rage in America.

I have loved the animated version when I was younger and when the show began it started with the support character Arthur who was battling his own insecurities.I was under the impression that there will be a new take to the show (afterall we can dream as the Birdman Movie 2014, really had a great twist). As the show pilot progress we get to know in detail about Arthur and how he become famous. I really like how these days all the animated shows are being converted into the real TV shows with use of graphics. This new generation is really getting a dose of media entertainment at a very low cost on prime time. Earlier these shows used to be restricted only to kids but now the entire family is getting glued to watch the same.

We already have lot of shows in the same genre going strongly Flash, Arrow, Agents of sheild, Gotham, in past we had Smallville and Batman. The tick is also just trying to grab your attention in the same, may be its not worth investing your time on, I would think 7 rating on IMDB is pretty high for this show. I think it was worth watching this show to re kindly my child hood memories, somehow Arthur is the real hero who tries to fight crime without having any super power.


I would highly recommend this show for parents to watch with their Kids, as kids will love to see bit of child in adult. I would also not recommend this show to people who have not watched Tick in their childhood, as you might not get the nostalgia effect.

You can also check out other reviews before going in to take a full dive, but most of these review will tell about characters and mastermind in making of TV show in this genre

  1. USA today- link
  2. rotten tomatoes-link

Always remember any TV show you watch is like a full commitment , just like some of you would have committed to Supernatural (review next week )




Visualize your resume

Found out the best of 5 website that you need to look up and implement in order to stand out among your peers

Importance of these websites

  1. They are glimpse into your future and gives opportunities to everyone
  2. They are like the Ubuntu and Linux
  3. Glimmer of hope for a eternal hard-worker


5 Best Free Visual Resume To Impress

How to use keyboard

Get your job done quicker with these tips :

Ctrl+1-8 – Switch to the specified tab, counting from the left.

Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab.


Ctrl+Tab – Switch to the next tab – in other words, the tab on the right. (Ctrl+Page Up also works, but not in Internet Explorer.)

Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Switch to the previous tab – in other words, the tab on the left. (Ctrl+Page Down also works, but not in Internet Explorer.)

Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4 – Close the current tab.

Ctrl+Shift+T – Reopen the last closed tab.


Ctrl+T – Open a new tab.

Ctrl+N – Open a new browser window.

Alt+F4 – Close the current window. (Works in all applications.)

Mouse Actions for Tabs

Middle Click a Tab – Close the tab.

Ctrl+Left Click, Middle Click – Open a link in a background tab.

Shift+Left Click – Open a link in a new browser window.

Ctrl+Shift+Left Click – Open a link in a foreground tab.


Alt+Left Arrow, Backspace – Back.

Alt+Right Arrow, Shift+Backspace – Forward.

F5 – Reload.

Ctrl+F5 – Reload and skip the cache, re-downloading the entire website.

Escape – Stop.

Alt+Home – Open homepage.



Ctrl and +, Ctrl+Mousewheel Up – Zoom in.

Ctrl and -, Ctrl+Mousewheel Down — Zoom out.

Ctrl+0 – Default zoom level.

F11 – Full-screen mode.



Space, Page Down – Scroll down a frame.

Shift+Space, Page Up – Scroll up a frame.

Home – Top of page.

End – Bottom of page.

Middle Click – Scroll with the mouse. (Windows only)


Address Bar

Ctrl+L, Alt+D, F6 – Focus the address bar so you can begin typing.

Ctrl+Enter – Prefix www. and append .com to the text in the address bar, and then load the website. For example, type howtogeek into the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter to open

Alt+Enter – Open the location in the address bar in a new tab.


Ctrl+K, Ctrl+E – Focus the browser’s built-in search box or focus the address bar if the browser doesn’t have a dedicated search box. (Ctrl+K doesn’t work in IE, Ctrl+E does.)

Alt+Enter – Perform a search from the search box in a new tab.

Ctrl+F, F3 – Open the in-page search box to search on the current page.

Ctrl+G, F3 – Find the next match of the searched text on the page.

Ctrl+Shift+G, Shift+F3 – Find the previous match of the searched text on the page.


History & Bookmarks

Ctrl+H – Open the browsing history.

Ctrl+J – Open the download history.

Ctrl+D – Bookmark the current website.

Ctrl+Shift+Del – Open the Clear Browsing History window.


Other Functions

Ctrl+P – Print the current page.

Ctrl+S – Save the current page to your computer.

Ctrl+O – Open a file from your computer.

Ctrl+U – Open the current page’s source code. (Not in IE.)

F12 – Open Developer Tools. (Requires Firebug extension for Firefox.)



#source :


Once the work starts, life turns around 180 degree on head.The wait for Sunday for begins among all the colleagues although RBI gave a welcome 2nd Saturday off to all bankers(including me) but still this Sunday becomes very precious. Most people can say we should live our lives staying happy each day and show lots of optimism but sooner or later it all fizzes out.

I for one believe, we all have exactly the same amount of day and amount of time which all the greats in the world have had in their lifetime. So no one knows (secretly) I admire that I have an equal opportunity to become one of them. We all should have faith in ourselves , coz its not others who hold key to your faith,

We all got 52 Sunday in a year , so lets all make the best out of it:

  1. Spend time with loved ones
  2. Make new friends
  3. Re- kindle last Sunday friendship
  4. Play some sport
  5. Sleep if you want to , but only on one Sunday out of every three Sunday
  6. I ll do what ,I think is good for me- ( Means be wise , make your own decision)
  7. Learn something new
  8. Do all of the above,then dont sleep
  9. Catch a movie or two also :-p

Caio have a fun Sunday :-p

How to read a hard book!!!!

Even if you have lots of experience in reading books, you will still come across books that are just difficult to get through. You may find the reading slow because of the subject matter, the language, word usage, or the convoluted plot and character elements. When you are just attempting to get through the book, it may not really matter to you why the book is difficult. You just want to finish the work, so you can move on to your next reading pick. Here are some tips…

Difficulty: Hard

Time Required: Varies

Here’s How:

Find your reading spot–a place where you can be comfortable and read. Under what conditions are you able to concentrate, study, and read most effectively? It may be easier for you to read at a desk, at a table in a quiet library, on the grass, by the lake, or in one of those cushy chairs at Starbucks. Some readers can’t concentrate when there’s any noise around them, while others can read anywhere. Reproduce those ideal conditions–particularly when you’re reading a difficult book.

Keep a dictionary with you as you read the book. Look up any words you don’t understand. Also, jot down literary references that are escaping you. Are comparisons being made that are escaping your understanding? Look those references up!

Look at how the book is organized by reading through the table of contents and reading the introduction (which may give you some idea of what the book is about, and why it is important).

Don’t let the book discourage you. Read the entire book, so you’ll get a sense of what the book is about: who the characters are, what is happening, what some of the themes or contexts may be, etc. This technique is sometimes called “skimming,” but make sure you read as much as possible. The idea of to get a sense of what the book is about and what the author is trying to accomplish with the work; so when you go back and re-read the material, it won’t be as difficult.

If you own the book you are reading, you may want to highlight passages that seem important. Otherwise, you can take careful notes–keeping track of quotes, characters, or passages (with page numbers). Some readers find that by using flags or page markers, they can more easily find those sections that are essential to an understanding of the book. Or, you may mark sections that you don’t understand, so you can come back for a closer read later.

Don’t become bleary-eyed. In other words, if the book seems too overwhelming, stop reading for a bit. Take this time to organize your ideas about the book. Write down the questions that you have so far–about characters, the plot, the author, the setting, ideas, etc. If the concepts are still too difficult to grasp, sketch out your ideas–with images or colors. Or, try talking about it with a friend–to flush out what you are thinking (and feeling) about the work.

Don’t stop reading for too long. It can be tempting to put off finishing the book when the book seems too difficult, but don’t give in to that temptation. If you put off continuing your reading, you’ll forget what you’ve accomplished thus far. You may forget about important elements of the plot or characterization. The gist of the book may begin to slip away as well. So, just keep on reading!

After you’ve read through the book once, re-read the book. Fill in the gaps that you missed the first time. As you read and re-read passages of the novel, try reciting the book out loud. Some readers can more easily grasp difficult language and/or concepts when they hear the words while reading. Read those difficult passages that you skipped over the first time. Start making connections between the book you’re reading and other works you’ve read.

Get help! If you’re still having a difficult time with the book, a tutor might be able to answer your questions. Also, consider talking with your teacher about your confusion. Ask him/her specific questions about the book.

10 Experiences That Can Make You Wiser


PHP: Saving America Through Free Enterprise

By Patrick Bet-David

Wisdom is perhaps the most important quality that we can gain in our lives. But it can’t be bought, sold or created. Wisdom only comes from those life lessons and experiences that stretch our minds and grow our understanding. Some wisdom-bringing experiences are delightful, and some are painful, but with wisdom as a byproduct, they are all worthwhile.

1. Be well traveled.

There’s nothing like the wisdom gained by traveling outside the United States and seeing how others live around the world.  One of the elements of having an “old soul” comes from having a greater understanding of the world around you.

2. Spend time learning about the opposite sex.

The longer you live, the more you come to understand that God created man and woman
with different strengths to fill in for the other’s weakness. Understanding those differences is key to having healthy relationships and knowing…

View original post 716 more words

A night up

You wonder how the things take turn if you wont sleep for a night. I stopped that when I was in my engineering college , the feeling of earling morning tea and poha( maharashtrian dish) after a long night is simply amazing. But during this long stay up in the night something chemically changes within your bodily systems. People say it might harm you , but I assure you all of this in mind of the person who undertakes this journey.

So things will start getting clearer very soon. I narrate the incident as if I were some kind of an observer to this whole new social paradigm of staying up in night but unfourtnately 1000s of IT professional in India undergo this turmoil on a daily basis. Sometimes its a need and mostly its a neccessity. Staying up late night and till morning brings forward lots of memories, sometimes you realise who is more important to you. Every minute of every hour spent gives a new direction to your night. A focussed “ALL Nighter- Engineering Days” i.e just an anomally for stating the obvious that the direction where mind leads you during the night tells more about your personality. The amount of alone time you get during the night is substantially more than that you get during a morning time, where you need to perform certain tasks and duties.

To end this piece of my new found freedom, I wouldnt like to give a new message . But I would like to remind myself to take such journey in certain intervals, since it would instrumental in my future decision making time.