N. P. S- To be or not to be

NPS(National Pension Scheme) most of us got to hear about it from our bankers while saving our tax at the last month of the financial year. Most of the people tried to look online for lot of answers . I have share some links in my post which you should go through to dig deeper and you can even open your account online.

Sometimes in life some things are out there in open and yet we need to tell many people about the same things over and over again. We all are out there running year after year and trying to create a world which is better for everyone. We all should know the purpose behind everything that we do and most things which we need to do.

Some corporates are also going a step ahead and opening the NPS accounts for their employees too. Soon I would want you to share this info with people who want to invest as low as Rs 10,000 a year for their future to open NPS (limit is Rs 2000-6000). This has the potential for creating a pool of wealth for the people who never got the chance to do investments.



I don’t want to bombard you with the technicalities of the product as that is part of my bread earning part of the day. The fact of matter is that Govt. want us all to have a secured retirement and they have taken initiatives on there part . The more we get updated on topics its more likely that we can spread the same to our peers. In this day of information age, people relay  too much on the Internet and the blogs for the technical details. I m taking about the people especially in the age group of 15-25. Soon they will all grow up and realize that the real knowledge comes from talking things out amongst your peers. We need to bridge gaps with personal relationship and slow take things out of the INTERNET age. I like to write and communicate things on this blog but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to talk about various things . I still talk to lot of my friends on phone over the weekend and also part of my bread earning duties is to talk.

As people grow older and world starts to change at a faster pace , we all need to slow down and take pleasure in things we cherish in life . We all love to run for things that we want and the investment schemes are some of the ways which will help us create wealth/ treasures. Its not what we do that defines us but its the reason why we do what needs to be done which defines us. There is so much in this world to enjoy and we all have so little time left with us !!!!





The way home……..

Hi !!! winter cheers to everyone. There has been some gap in the writing schedule but nevertheless its better late than never. I have read my old posts and thought that I have been writing either in financial genre or about Tv shows/movies. This article I wanted to write about both in and try to keep them as real as possible. It was welcome long weekend here in Kolkata for me , with the Christmas coming right along with the second Saturday.

18944fcb24455feb24fd93d30aad8924.jpgIn todays fast paced life , I seem to miss out on my family who were there for me since my birth and something which reminded me of this was the movie “” The way home””. A heart warming story about a kid and his grandma. A pure watershed movie for those who are willing to feel or find the same emotions in their heart. We Indians can relate to the drama Malgudi days( at least my generation or ones before can) and going back home in summer vacations of school, I really loved reminiscing about those past moments. As I m growing older these memories are starting to fade away, I want to hold tight to these memories but I simply can’t . You may call me nostalgic freak , but What are we ? Who are we?? Where are we??if not for these small treasures of memories in our life.


Each one of us who has chosen the path to rapid career strides in their life and decided to come out of their hometown , villages and cities has made a lot of sacrifices. The person who left Patna for Mumbai or the person who left Udaipur for USA are no different. We all look for fame , glory and great life style but in the process we have left behind a lot of things. Our generation is not ditcher but a striver, we strive for constant excellence progress. We have been challenging the status quo be it in our jobs, social life or family. Somewhere something doesn’t seems to fit right in this chaos of life, we are merrier but sad inside , we are stronger but weak inside and we are movers but trying to find somewhere to settle from inside.

When we all have decided our financial goals, we can incorporate the holiday goals with family and make sure we can add some quality family time. All the above is easier said than done , what steps can we take and who can guide us in the same?? We all strive to find the answers but fact of the matter is that we need to ask right questions. The little kids in our movie the way home “ is the one who is in our hearts . We have not forgotten those who love us , we can never forget them. We want to make sure the pains and sacrifices that they made for us doesn’t go waste and everyone around knows our roots. A time comes in your career when we need to choose , choose between life and fame , choose between are we going to be a phone call away or a room way from our Grandma; choose between friends who we love or family who loves us. All the lines have blurred , there is no moral right or wrong . No one can tell you whats going to be right for you and what was wrong for them. I m just as much a passenger of life as you.

These words they might stay in few minds after they come Out

Life may take few more turns before they turn Right,

Dreams may come true as much as they Shatter

But in the end it doesnt even Matter

Arey yaar LOST , kya series the …. ekdum sahi!!!!

How do you recommend someone to watch a TV show?? who should watch a TV show? Why would people recommend others to watch somethings instead of read? Are we the generation where we have stopped putting efforts to our creative mind and imagine? Why TV shows?? How have I spent most of my time watching these shows and now I don’t even feel the need to watch these shows?

Some of these questions are bouncing in my head while I m trying to recommend the TV show Lost to people who decide to read this article which I took time out of my sunday( me time). If you have reached till this part of the article and you havent watched this TV show Lost , please keep it in your must watch shows. If you like stories which are gripping , one where each episode have their own twists, if you love to know see shows which have great character based stories , action with adventures too, it’s a must watch for you.

How can you start watching this show , give around thirty minutes of time each day to enjoy this six long season of show, the real gratification which you will get from watching this show is if you delay the process of unravelling the mysteries of the show. If I even spell out small little details of the show of this , that would reveal all too much about it. You may check the rating of IMDB and websites created by the real fans of LOST, it was really a cult show. I envy the people who were able to see this show real-time.


I m watching this show with my wife even though I have already seen the entire show, I m really biting my teeth in the moments which I remember are really great moment of the shows. I also like the look of awe in face of my co watcher of the show. We take time to watch one show in a day after coming back to home.

As i write this column some of the answers to question which were bouncing of my head becomes little clear. People love to watch the show , it has becoming part of our daily lives when we grow up. My entire generation has grown up watching these shows , if we deny all of this then we are denying the part of our new breed culture. I really don’t know what a todays teenager or engineering grad students are watching or reading. The entire new generation is coming some the shows which I had seen while growing up are getting lost in the real sense. I wonder if my parents also would like to talk about the shows they watched while growing up . The culture of TV really started to pick up in India after 1990 when our economy really grew. More and more of us were able to afford television , we quickly got the taste that watching Tv together with family creates a unique share happiness which all of us can talk and make sure that this happiness lasts. My generation was the one who could afford laptops and we used it for entertainment which become more personal. The entire goal of shared happiness has lost its meaning. We all keep searching for our true mate while we watched these TV shows alone. I was lucky to see few shows with my friends and now I m lucky to watch the show with my soul mate.

While this was the review for show Lost , I would like to ask what are the reasons why you would watch Tv shows and is that you are still watching TV show alone ?? do you feel you are connected to the millions of viewers of the show when you are watching these show alone??

This world is growing fast and just like the universe which is expanding ever since the big bang, all of us are being consistently exposed to the newer contents and we have a decision made for us at each and every day. My last question for you in this article is again :

Will you watch LOST alone in your room???


Bhai I m ready to invest!!

No linkages to my previous writing piece but I really like the name of the article so thought to put something in line with the same. So I wanted to begin the journey of this article by stating you in clear words “Please continue reading if you really want an informal advice from your peer in his own capacity , as market is subject to all risk and everyone should read offer document in his own capacity



So what do you feel when you see the fancy mutual funds sahi hai Ads in the TV, inspiring yes it is , but it doesn’t mean you straight away do your mental math without actually knowing what to do with your investment. My dad who has been investing in various funds , always advise me to give a good reading of one hour or two before even thinking about investment. I tried doing so , one of the shares which I wanted to buy was Petronet LNG( it’s for your example and not my advice for you go and buy it, please be clear). This company’s share price index analysis gave me some great picture the company has growing steadily in past months from the level of 220 to 270 and back to 250 level now. So how do I “ Know” for sure that this is the “ ONE” . I dug up something in the industry on LNG and what has been happening over the years, India’s oil demand has been on ever-increasing phase and import has just not stopped ( you can do your own little research with help of Google sorry but my article are not factual in nature but inquisitive). Here comes in the LNG( liquefied natural gas ) which needs specialized shipping carriers and technology for storage & distribution. India is still far behind in terms of technology and competency in both, so our Government has taken steps and relaxed the norms which has allowed the foreign companies to enter into JV with the Indian players. More so the situation is looking pretty decent with setup of many LNG plants all over India is only going to increase the use of LNG for all-purpose . Some on the researchers in the domain have predicted 4 times fold increase in use of LNG over the years. My bet is that this is long-term wala Ghoda( Horse).

Wow so I was able to invest my time in this share which I wanted to buy and now I should be able to keep a track of this industry and company. I m all set for the investment but wait I forgot to tell you about the downsides of this industry . Non renewable source of energy are in near danger of being replaced by the future sources of energy on Solar and wind power. Shouldn’t I then invest in these renewable source of energy. Herein comes the knowledge of your market , you must talk with people who are working in this industry or who have kept a good eye on this segment, Every share or investment you do will follow a cycle of growth and slump. What to do ideally ?? Ask questions, yes the right questions , they will not get you the answers but they will lead you this new journey.


Today is Sunday , what would you do? Why don’t you read a book rich dad poor dad? You might know the concept but I ll advise you read this book. The more you read , more the questions will come in your mind.these questions will lead you to new journey, just like me . Now that you are ready to invest why don’t we all create a mini diary with details of the company or industry we want to invest with. as an investor you must read and share your experience with others , you have to help everyone achieve the financial freedom and not just restrict your knowledge to yourself. If you think you know something and haven’t yet started talking with anyone , do yourself a favor ping me. I m happy to listen and spread your knowledge on your behalf too.

“Only way out of chaos is to create an order in yourself within”


A tale of happiness

This weekend was unlike any other weekend when we banker get two days holiday, it got over in a fraction of second , you blinked and we missed it. But while you blinked I had the chance to take a glimpse of this amazing movie … Into the wild …with my wife. I have seen it once but somehow it doesn’t matter when I m repeating movies and tv shows with her. This movie I had seen around years back and all I had figured out was that , we all have the power to run away and take control of our life and god I was so wrong in interpreting the end of the movie .

While you are reading this review , please remember I only write about my emotions which I feel during my watch of this masterpiece . You ll need to figure out your own emotions by watching them in your own free time. A movie so nicely directed with the scenic beauty and marvels of the nature . Although this story was captured in novel I would recommend you to read the books which the main character of our story “Alexander Supertramp “ was reading throughout his sojourn. His right name was Chris , which he emphasized at the end of the movie by saying “everything should be rightly name”.


When movie starts you will get enchanted by the raw beauty of Alaska , you ll get curious as to how he reaches there and why, and whole just revolves around the same. It will break your heart when showing why he ran away from his well settled life, you ll feel strung of love when he meets some strangers who treat him like their own son and you ll fall in love again when a young girl has a crush on our hero. The best part of the movie was definitely his struggle in Alaska and his realization of the true nature of happiness. Some parts of conversation with Mr Ron will remind you why each one of us owes it to ourselves that we give ourselves new experiences.

This story beautiful narrated and echoes the main theme that to find true happiness is not the whole purpose of life . But the purpose of life is to find the true happiness and share it with those who you love. I was very happy that I m able to give few hours of my life and able to write few lines and share my happiness with you.

If you really like anything or something gives you happiness do share it, I wonder if sharing is the real motive of life ? Its up to all of us to figure out , how , whom, and what we want or need to share.

I now really understood the song ; why dont you have a look into it while I plan my next journey in this blog

Sapne dekne chaiye :)

Dreams are funny things , its great place to learn about yourself . I have vivid re collection of a dream I once had about Rajasthan. I would like to share this dream with you , may be it will fascinate you and you might want to visit this beautiful state. I would like first of all tell you , I have lived in Bikaner for three years when I was very young. May be this dream was some gentle reminder that I have to revist the state. I now have a very strong connect with the state , my wife. She is so sweet , she always tells me stories of her childhood and how she used to go to jaipur for shopping. I was in my college when i had visited udaipur which was the last time I was in the state.


I was suddenly a kid again and was playing gilli danda with my friends after school , it was a hot sunny day. We were careless and free , while we were playing we forgot how hot the weather was there. The sun was still shinning brightly even though it was almost 5 in the evening. We played our hearts out, screamed and shouted on our fellow band of brothers. I felt was never this alive ever before. Suddenly a friends comes running to us asks to come with him and see something very unique. We all become very curious as to what might be the reason for such a rush. He came running all the way from his house which was near the fields. He asked us to run along with him


When we reached the place where he bought us , it was heavenly all of us really thanked him and soon waited eagerly for the miracle of nature earth. The fields were partly clouded and hills were still covered with the sun shining brightly. Some of us convinced the remaining that rains are coming, my heart was full of hope. We saw an uncle already covering his head to protect himself from rain. As kids we always saw the world with colorful optimism. This dream was no different when I woke from it , I felt so refreshed.

This was no ordinary dream , as I have read in some of the articles of Sigmund Freud that every dream has a purpose behind it. I wanted to know a bit more about my dream and started reading up about rajasthan to know the connection between my dream and the state. Somehow I felt the dream is related to the state which I have a faint fading memory to remember with.

The more I read about the state more I see the significance of the dream a barren land can only dream of rain but the one who really get that rain are those who work for it. The state has really put in a lot of efforts in it development . They are working day and night converting mahals to resorts, making deserts a place to visit and remember. The state has not stopped dreaming ever since the Indian economy opened up in 1991. The big IT companies and oil companies have since that day invested hugely in the growth vehicle of the state. Still scarce of water hits them bad but it has stopped them from entertaining their guests (tourists) with all the royal splendor.

I think the state was never given a chance to outshine just like the famous Rajashtan Royals in IPL season one where they turned everyones head and won the trophy. The cheif minister Raje has also played her part in the growth story trying to empower the women of the state in new ways like giving them bank accounts and making them pivotal for the below poverty line families to get benefits. Rajasthan is also home to many big Japanese players who have setup their factories here in this state.

If you ever doubt the entrepreneurial skills of Rajasthani’s always remember who were the Marwars.

If you ever doubt the education skills of Rajasthani’s , always remember where you took your IIT coaching from KOTA.

Such an inspiration to keep on dreaming , to achieve something big.

Bhai mujhe invest karna hai?!?

An old friend called me up and tells how he is doing in life . He is doing great working with Indian Army , one of a lifetime opportunity to serve the nation at its borders. He works really hard and not in the sense we bankers do, but actually really hard . Sometimes just to survive the whole day, don’t worry about him or any of our friends and family members out there in the field. They are living their dream life and dreams of millions of Indians are certainly on their shoulders. Their life is to be celebrated. He says army is paying him well and sometimes he comes back to home to his family and enjoy the much needed family time. He has one worry and asks me in his typical fashion, “bhai investment karna hai!!”



Me professionally being banker our job is to sell investment schemes to our clients , what could I have said to him you all would know. But something happened when he asked me that question in his nonchalant way. The investor inside me got a wake up call, I started by asking him how much is earning, what are his current plans and how much money does wants to save or earn. He said army is providing everything but while I m working for my country , I also want my money which is lying idle in the bank account also work for my nation. Yes true patriot nature is what we defense legacy owners have, we would have every inch of our sweat that we invest in our lives to be for our nation which our fathers and their fathers have learnt and taught us.



I was inspired , I explained him with my brief knowledge  and advised him to invest in mutual funds and take advantage of SIP( systematic investment planning). Since he was on a short holiday, I advised him not to waste time by going himself to AMC agency and apply for SIP. Instead advised him to use brokerage services, they charge very minimal. He really thanked me and said he owes me a treat next year . I was happy to help him and more so I was happy to help him help our nation. In todays time lot of the companies in India are in huge requirement of funds and for the same most of them have gone public to get that funds. If we as an Indian want that Indian economy should continue to grow at the rate where IMF doesn’t even dares to downgrade us, we all have to do our bit and invest in these companies. You don’t need to be a genius to learn tricks of this trade , just start of really small and one day your actions will reap benefits to you as well as the nation to whom you everything.



Understand the simple fact every single person in this country holds a very strong power with which he can change this around him, if you have seen movie Guru you would remember the last scene where the entire stockholders of his company truly rejoiced in guru’s success. It doesn’t need for you to be a entrepreneur to become financially independent nor does it means you have to leave your job and do something drastic. Everyone in the country is talking about the investments, everyone wants to get out of this rat race and feel free . We all need to realize our potential , we need to realize the true potential of our money and to do that we have to set them free with market forces . Just like our kids grow up with every obstacle they face , our money also will grow with the every up and down of markets. Don’t be afraid to lose , be afraid what might happen if you don’t invest and your money doesn’t grow.

Stay tuned to blogs, soon we will discussing of more in-depth about funds. As I take my own personal journey in investments forward , I would share the same with you too. A small break from the usual movie reviews but definitely an important milestone.

Two and half review

I wanted to write only one review for the day but since I watched movie last night and this tv show entire week so here are my two reviews and you will know at where the remaining HALF will come

Lipstick under my Burkha

Four stories nicely timed and wonderful characterized by all the four leads. I m a such big fan of Konkana Sen , this movie was in the genre which is slightly adult in nature. But people who are seeing game of thrones can definitely see this( suspected half of Indian population has seen G.O.T).



Character of Bua ji is reading a novel through out the movie which makes her dream of a world where men and women both have equal rights( sexual freedom).

All through out  the film there is slight brush of traditions of India with the new age thoughts, I watched movie from non judgmental bias . While watching the movie I had wave of appreciation for the all main characters and was expecting something more from the story. The direction was brilliant using sarcastic humor to tell a tale of actual horror in the current India society. We are in India where simultaneously many things are taking place, we are growing at the rate of 6 % also we are facing an economic downturn. We are trying to reach Mars also we are trying to reach out to our Kids who are getting bullied on social media.

This movie was a perfect watch for those who want to start watching non commercial movies , this was truly a move with a thought. I m not the one to rate the movie but I can surely say this movie was worth the 90 mins which I spent watching. Some characters were really underdeveloped but happens in the movie where you try and club more than one story and have more than one lead actor. I bet this movie was not a huge commercial success , even though should be on must watch of for people with Y chromosome.

Two and half men

For people who believe that I m writing and watching movies shows which highlights the parts of society which needs attention are going to get shock . I have watched the entire season of two and half men , and recently started to watch the re run of the entire show with my wife. This show has funny lines , great punches and Charlie sheen . I might not truly admire any of the character shown in the series, with Jake growing up from being a cute kid who is dumb into dumber teenager or Alan the loser chiropractor turning to character which is predominantly shown to attract roast from being less manly and Charlie sheen( who reluctantly grows from being stud to dead ) eventually replaced by Ashton Kutcher ( who couldn’t save the show either). True reason why anyone should start this show is not to binge watch but to save yourself from watching other shows in binge . I used to watch DEXTER but it used to be a hour long , so I used to take break from that show by watching episodes of two & half men in between.



My advise this show should be avoided at all cost in order to save ruining of Indian culture but this is fun show and hilarious. 12 season long , just imagine you could have mastered playing guitar had you tried that instead of watching this show.

At this point of time I would like to question you and myself , why do we watch so much of TV , is it that we have made ourselves slaves to easy pleasure and re assure ourselves that going to work from 9-5 and coming back home to watch the TV is how we want to live our lives. People are out their getting rich and richer day by day and they have literally sacrificed their entire youth for the same. I m here writing my experiences of watching TV show and impact they had in my life . I m mostly writing these reviews so that tomorrow I may be able to reflect the thoughts with which I enjoyed these shows. Its up-to you how you will reflect the time you spent on these TV shows and movies.

Yes I have promised I will write review of SUPERNATURAL and I will definitely write.

1 in every 10^5 – By Biswa Kalyan Rath


Nostalgia is strong feeling which is coming right across when I was seeing this show. I wonder how many things can get me nostalgic ( check out my last review). A feel good web series by Biswa Kalayn in the form of Laakhon mein ek forces me to revisit my childhood and look back into days when we all were engrossed in the mania of IIT/AIEEE/AIIMS. Luckily for me my parents always told me to focus on the knowledge and not run after big names. But we all realize in life brand does add value, this show got instant recognition by being with Amazon Prime.

I started off by watching one episode but the character of Aakash and his intereaction with Bakri and chudial( yes in the entire series I bet we will not hear there names). We all as kids have have our mischievous companies, the premise of this story is setup in coaching institute in VIzag where our lead character is sent when he fails to get admissions in his hometown Raipur. The background score is very relevant and will connect to you instantly. I somehow think the target audience for this show is not kids even though the story revolves around kid who is coming with terms to reality of pressure to get into IIT.



Biswa himself does some cameo in this web series, hats off again to him for the wonderful content in the show. All in all I would recommend to finish this show in weekend as only 6 episodes long , you will certainly give boost to Mr Biswa credibility and enjoy some insights into life of young teenagers. We all know what they do but we still keep a blind side to them, may be its time In India where we remove the word immature from the dictionary in life of teenagers , they are really there to conquer the world and need our support in same. Our teenagers are all involved in cyber bullying on facebook and instagram, we might be able to change all of that if we reach to them. Suddenly I see my thoughts changing to ones where I m more worried about our future generation rather than being hopeful and optimist.

I know I promised to do Supernatural next but I had to give you fresh stuff too.

TICK – The superhero


I will straight away delve into the topic review of  the Tick 2017 the tv show which I saw on Amazon prime last night.

For those of you who will not be having an idea about the character , please check out the below description given on wiki-“The Tick is a fictional superhero created by cartoonist Ben Edlund in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for the New England Comics chain of Boston area comic book stores.” The comic was original created to be a spoof on superheroes comics which were a rage in America.

I have loved the animated version when I was younger and when the show began it started with the support character Arthur who was battling his own insecurities.I was under the impression that there will be a new take to the show (afterall we can dream as the Birdman Movie 2014, really had a great twist). As the show pilot progress we get to know in detail about Arthur and how he become famous. I really like how these days all the animated shows are being converted into the real TV shows with use of graphics. This new generation is really getting a dose of media entertainment at a very low cost on prime time. Earlier these shows used to be restricted only to kids but now the entire family is getting glued to watch the same.

We already have lot of shows in the same genre going strongly Flash, Arrow, Agents of sheild, Gotham, in past we had Smallville and Batman. The tick is also just trying to grab your attention in the same, may be its not worth investing your time on, I would think 7 rating on IMDB is pretty high for this show. I think it was worth watching this show to re kindly my child hood memories, somehow Arthur is the real hero who tries to fight crime without having any super power.


I would highly recommend this show for parents to watch with their Kids, as kids will love to see bit of child in adult. I would also not recommend this show to people who have not watched Tick in their childhood, as you might not get the nostalgia effect.

You can also check out other reviews before going in to take a full dive, but most of these review will tell about characters and mastermind in making of TV show in this genre

  1. USA today- link
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Always remember any TV show you watch is like a full commitment , just like some of you would have committed to Supernatural (review next week )