N. P. S- To be or not to be

NPS(National Pension Scheme) most of us got to hear about it from our bankers while saving our tax at the last month of the financial year. Most of the people tried to look online for lot of answers . I have share some links in my post which you should go through to dig deeper and you can even open your account online.

Sometimes in life some things are out there in open and yet we need to tell many people about the same things over and over again. We all are out there running year after year and trying to create a world which is better for everyone. We all should know the purpose behind everything that we do and most things which we need to do.

Some corporates are also going a step ahead and opening the NPS accounts for their employees too. Soon I would want you to share this info with people who want to invest as low as Rs 10,000 a year for their future to open NPS (limit is Rs 2000-6000). This has the potential for creating a pool of wealth for the people who never got the chance to do investments.



I don’t want to bombard you with the technicalities of the product as that is part of my bread earning part of the day. The fact of matter is that Govt. want us all to have a secured retirement and they have taken initiatives on there part . The more we get updated on topics its more likely that we can spread the same to our peers. In this day of information age, people relay  too much on the Internet and the blogs for the technical details. I m taking about the people especially in the age group of 15-25. Soon they will all grow up and realize that the real knowledge comes from talking things out amongst your peers. We need to bridge gaps with personal relationship and slow take things out of the INTERNET age. I like to write and communicate things on this blog but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to talk about various things . I still talk to lot of my friends on phone over the weekend and also part of my bread earning duties is to talk.

As people grow older and world starts to change at a faster pace , we all need to slow down and take pleasure in things we cherish in life . We all love to run for things that we want and the investment schemes are some of the ways which will help us create wealth/ treasures. Its not what we do that defines us but its the reason why we do what needs to be done which defines us. There is so much in this world to enjoy and we all have so little time left with us !!!!





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