The way home……..

Hi !!! winter cheers to everyone. There has been some gap in the writing schedule but nevertheless its better late than never. I have read my old posts and thought that I have been writing either in financial genre or about Tv shows/movies. This article I wanted to write about both in and try to keep them as real as possible. It was welcome long weekend here in Kolkata for me , with the Christmas coming right along with the second Saturday.

18944fcb24455feb24fd93d30aad8924.jpgIn todays fast paced life , I seem to miss out on my family who were there for me since my birth and something which reminded me of this was the movie “” The way home””. A heart warming story about a kid and his grandma. A pure watershed movie for those who are willing to feel or find the same emotions in their heart. We Indians can relate to the drama Malgudi days( at least my generation or ones before can) and going back home in summer vacations of school, I really loved reminiscing about those past moments. As I m growing older these memories are starting to fade away, I want to hold tight to these memories but I simply can’t . You may call me nostalgic freak , but What are we ? Who are we?? Where are we??if not for these small treasures of memories in our life.


Each one of us who has chosen the path to rapid career strides in their life and decided to come out of their hometown , villages and cities has made a lot of sacrifices. The person who left Patna for Mumbai or the person who left Udaipur for USA are no different. We all look for fame , glory and great life style but in the process we have left behind a lot of things. Our generation is not ditcher but a striver, we strive for constant excellence progress. We have been challenging the status quo be it in our jobs, social life or family. Somewhere something doesn’t seems to fit right in this chaos of life, we are merrier but sad inside , we are stronger but weak inside and we are movers but trying to find somewhere to settle from inside.

When we all have decided our financial goals, we can incorporate the holiday goals with family and make sure we can add some quality family time. All the above is easier said than done , what steps can we take and who can guide us in the same?? We all strive to find the answers but fact of the matter is that we need to ask right questions. The little kids in our movie the way home “ is the one who is in our hearts . We have not forgotten those who love us , we can never forget them. We want to make sure the pains and sacrifices that they made for us doesn’t go waste and everyone around knows our roots. A time comes in your career when we need to choose , choose between life and fame , choose between are we going to be a phone call away or a room way from our Grandma; choose between friends who we love or family who loves us. All the lines have blurred , there is no moral right or wrong . No one can tell you whats going to be right for you and what was wrong for them. I m just as much a passenger of life as you.

These words they might stay in few minds after they come Out

Life may take few more turns before they turn Right,

Dreams may come true as much as they Shatter

But in the end it doesnt even Matter