A night up

You wonder how the things take turn if you wont sleep for a night. I stopped that when I was in my engineering college , the feeling of earling morning tea and poha( maharashtrian dish) after a long night is simply amazing. But during this long stay up in the night something chemically changes within your bodily systems. People say it might harm you , but I assure you all of this in mind of the person who undertakes this journey.

So things will start getting clearer very soon. I narrate the incident as if I were some kind of an observer to this whole new social paradigm of staying up in night but unfourtnately 1000s of IT professional in India undergo this turmoil on a daily basis. Sometimes its a need and mostly its a neccessity. Staying up late night and till morning brings forward lots of memories, sometimes you realise who is more important to you. Every minute of every hour spent gives a new direction to your night. A focussed “ALL Nighter- Engineering Days” i.e just an anomally for stating the obvious that the direction where mind leads you during the night tells more about your personality. The amount of alone time you get during the night is substantially more than that you get during a morning time, where you need to perform certain tasks and duties.

To end this piece of my new found freedom, I wouldnt like to give a new message . But I would like to remind myself to take such journey in certain intervals, since it would instrumental in my future decision making time.


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