No one is going…

No one is going to remember your memories

Is it true ?

Do you remember any of your dad memories?

Don’t we often share our memories with others?

Will they forget whatever we say to them ? If thats the case then why would I share my memories with them. I would need to know that person with whom I m sharing some memory is important enough to me. It would mean all the relationships in world are made for selfish reasons ans that everyone wants to create their own memory.


We don’t debate whether the quote is true or false because in either case we fail.

How would we fail if the above quote is false?

Let me explain by putting myself in the case, suppose I remember your memories and tell them to someone else wont that be sharing of my memory of your memory with him. Confusing as it may sound we would fail as by thinking about others memories we are doing a crime. We are stealing there memories and not cherishing them.


Coin always has two sides and we all wait which side is going to turn up when its tossed.


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