No one is going to remember your memories

Is it true ?

Do you remember any of your dad memories?

Don’t we often share our memories with others?

Will they forget whatever we say to them ? If thats the case then why would I share my memories with them. I would need to know that person with whom I m sharing some memory is important enough to me. It would mean all the relationships in world are made for selfish reasons ans that everyone wants to create their own memory.


We don’t debate whether the quote is true or false because in either case we fail.

How would we fail if the above quote is false?

Let me explain by putting myself in the case, suppose I remember your memories and tell them to someone else wont that be sharing of my memory of your memory with him. Confusing as it may sound we would fail as by thinking about others memories we are doing a crime. We are stealing there memories and not cherishing them.


Coin always has two sides and we all wait which side is going to turn up when its tossed.


No one is going…

Earn Money online???

I was intrigued by the very same thing, so I decided to lookup into websites and how I could get more money without much investments. i dint wanted to invest more money from my side and earn its double , what I just wanted was to earn some quick bucks.

I did a quick scan of how certain on-line system work and I was pretty pleased with their authenticity. They all had a tie up with international e commerce money handling websites which are 100% safe.

Then you would ask me ,why this blogging and not do this new money making system?

My answer I believe in the new age data creation is the true wealth philosophy. I think instead of just clicking some websites to make more money why not I type few words which I believe in and create something that I can cherish later in my life. 

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
~ Albert Einstein

So I read upon this quote from one of the greats, I cant help but start to wonder if thats the case which is happening with me. To give you a background I m just an avid reader of anything that has interesting content, I start of my day with news on my phone to reading  the whatsapp messages and emails then moving to Newspaper for major headlines of day before yesterday(I ll like to touch this point soon) and as I move deeper into the day I read more innovative blogs and articles while surfing on Internet, and my usual day finishes of with me reading a novel and some more text messages.

I cant help but wonder if reading too much is just too much but recently I touched upon the idea of “A new freedom ” my blog and this could be a welcome change after reading so much starting to write contents for others to read.

I believe the quote is justified and we all should read until our appetite for knowledge gets over and there on  we should look upon to share our thoughts with others using social media and blogs.

I have done my part of reading now the thinking has to start and followed up by some action.


Reading, after …