How would you like to spend one day of week in which you are allowed to do anything you possibly want to do? Let me ask you the same question in a different way :

Would you like to spend all your time doing things you want to do”?

I ask my self these same question on every Sunday morning. Writing blog is path of self discovery and writing about something which helps you discover yourself is worth sharing. Where is it that i m leading you with this blog post? Frankly speaking when I started to write this I was not thinking much but just wanted to share. 

My blog is named new freedom and this freedom is confined withing restrictions of only few hundred people seeing it. So I must accept the fact that most of the time blog will be read by me in future. Some other readers might say why not write a diary instead ? why are you putting it up on-line for others to see? Only one answer for them in form of the question with which I started this blog post.



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