The first post

 So this would be a challenge for me, I would like to begin my first post by telling things I think I know about me and would like to share with you before go ahead to read other posts in future. I m Jayant from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Over the course of time I will share other details with which I wont bore you today. I feel our brains should only have access to information which is important to us and it should forget everything else. 

I would like to post as many blogs as possible related to everyday key tasks I did. These blogs would contain what I learnt from the days event. I like to see my self as Human Being with exactly same gifts and understanding with which everyone in this world have been blessed with. I tend to get very emotional on certain issues, and so I would love to revisit these blogs and write something in counter to it in future. We all live different kind of lives in different times, what might happen to me at one very moment can happen with you in some other time dimension.

I m here to learn from people who would read the blog, from the disappointments of not being able to share some of my innermost thoughts, from an individual who resides within me (one who thinks and writes) and from this unique platform.  


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